World Tea Expo Winners

by Jason on May 4, 2009

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I’m still coming down from the euphoric, steady dosage of excellent teas that were ubiquitous at the World Tea Expo.

Congratulations to the winners. There were over 40 categories for judging teas, including blended and Ready To Drink (RTD).

Of the many winners, Here is Walker Tea Review’s All-Star team of 9 loose teas available through trusted online retailers.World Tea Expo

  1. Assam Ditchu, Teas Etc.
  2. Ceylon OP1, Teas Etc.
  3. Dragon Well Qingming, Rishi Tea
  4. Organic Silver Needle, Rishi Tea
  5. Fenghuang Dancong (super), PeLi Teas
  6. Zhenghe Golden Monkey (Special), PeLi Teas
  7. Puer Tea (Special), PeLi Teas
  8. Dian Hong (Special), PeLi Teas
  9. Jade Oolong (Golden Leaf Selections), Barnes & Watson Fine Teas

Teas Etc., Rishi, and PeLi Teas are not new to the winner’s circle, as this is at least their second year to receive awards. For information on previous (08) winners thumb through the Premier Wold Tea Buyer’s Guide from World Tea News.

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