Who Deserves A World Tea Award? WTR Picks

by Jason on April 17, 2014

in Voices of Tea


Like many other industries, those of us connected to tea business will gather to select the best and brightest of our peers.

Now is the time to submit nominations. Nominate BEFORE 25 April 2014.



In Case You Need Some Help With Nominations:

Best Tea Publication

Art of Tea –  One of the best English resources for understanding the origins and craft of Chinese and Taiwanese teas and teaware. I use Art of Tea to get background on some of my articles. Good thorough photography that chronicles processes and stages of tea ageing.


Best Tea Book(s)

The Soul & Spirit of Tea – Soul & Spirit presents a wide range of perspectives on how tea creates and shapes the life we live.

Tea: History Terroirs Varities – a great tool for learning about the origins of tea. An invaluable appendix with lab results of caffeine, and other components. I have reviewed this book in greater detail here.


Best Social Media Reach

Tony Gebely – Chicago tea nerd who researches the broad world of tea.


Best Tea Retailer Site(s) – I recommend these sites based upon a) quality/range of selection, b) relative convenience of navigation, c) visual appeal

Camellia Sinensis

Red Blossom Tea

Rishi Tea


Best Tea Educator

Thomas Shu – I appreaciate Thoma’s approach to tea education. He recognizes that not every tea professional is necessarily a capable educator, and therefore looks to partner with expert educators. He is also broadening the horizons of tea education, turning wine sommeliers toward tea in both red and white services.


Best Tea Blog

Why Walker Tea Review?

For over 5 years, Walker Tea Review has worked to develop a love of the Leaf, and show how Tea is not a gimmick. Sure – tea is healthy, but it is not a health fad. Tea tastes good, but it isn’t only about chasing novel flavors.

Tea is the convergence of Good – good earth, good weather, good people, good water, good skill. It is the marriage of Nature and craftsmanship. Through Walker Tea Review I help cultivate the ability to recognize and savor this confluence.

I leave the nominations to you. Nominate BEFORE 25 April 2014.



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