Top Teas of 2010

by Jason on December 31, 2010

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A Tea Buying Guide- your guide to top scoring teas for 2010


Top Green teas (top 6)

  1. China Cha Dao’s Supreme Xin Yang Mao Jian. 94 points.
  2. Teance’s Lu Shan Cloud and Mist. 93 points.
  3. Grand Tea’s Shi Feng Supreme Dragon Well. 93 points.
  4. China Cha Dao’s Supreme Liu An Gua Pian. 92 points.
  5. China Cha Dao’s Ming Qian Xi Hu Long Jing. 92 points.
  6. Grand Tea’s Bi Luo Chun. 92 points.

Top dragon well, long jing, or lung ching:

  1. Grand Tea’s Shi Feng Supreme Dragon Well. 93 points.
  2. China Cha Dao’s Ming Qian Xi Hu Long Jing. 92 points.
  3. Grand Tea’s Yun Qi Supreme Dragonwell. 92 points.

Best value: The Ming Qian Xi Hu Long Jing may be your best bet- currently 125 g (over 3 oz) for $20.


Top Wulong or Oolong teas (top 5):

  1. Teance’s Wuyi Da Hong Pao. 95 points.
  2. The Tea Gallery’s Big Red Robe 2009. 94 points.
  3. R.J. Teahouse’s Premium Wuyi Lao Cong Shui Xian. 93 points.
  4. Norbu’s Diamond Grade TGY Fall 09. 93 points.
  5. Teance’s Cold Summit Tung Ting. 93 points.
  6. Naivetea’s Mu Zha Tie Guan Yin. 93 points.
  7. The Mandarin’s Tea Room’s 09 Anxi TiKwanYin Selected Grade. 93 points.

Best value: Although the original Shui Xian listing no longer exists, alternate shui xian oolongs from R.J. Teahouse can be had for 125 grams at $13.90. Click here to see the product.


Top Black Teas (top 3):

  1. Teas Etc.’s Bohea Organic. 91 points.
  2. Safa Himalaya’s Himalayan Spring 1st Flush. 91 points.
  3. Red Lantern’s Premium Gold Dian Hong. 90 points.

Best value: Red Lantern’s Premium Gold Dian Hong is currently available, 125 grams for $17.20.


Teaware I use at home and in reviews:

    • Aroma Water Kettle. A very basic, no-frills kettle. My daily use kettle. Usually priced between $25 – $30.
    • Breville One Touch Tea Maker. Top of the line. Computerized and automated. Usually priced around $250.
    • Gaiwan. 130ml size. Affordable price- get a couple so you have a spare or two when needed. Usually around $4.
    • Serving pitcher: Pouring into a pitcher before serving gives more consistent, balanced servings. Around $7.

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