The Art of Drinking Tea In

by Jason on August 30, 2010

in Voices of Tea

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I’m a fan of Cathy Erway for several reasons. She has a ready supply of Chinese dumplings in her freezer. Her philosophy toward trying new food and making the most of each ingredient is culinary adventure. And, if you’re not eating out in New York, you’ve got plenty of opportunity to enjoy some great teas with those meals.

As my eyes glided across her blog, I noticed her featured recipes and began dreaming of tea and food pairings.

courtesy of Not Eating Out in New YorkWith the saliva already beginning to pool on my tongue, I could taste the blend of asparagus and seaweed with a salty soy sesame coating. Nothing could build on the flavors of asparagus and tofu cold noodle salad like a brothy spinach-sweet maofeng.


courtesy of Not Eating Out in New YorkThen there’s the mackerel. Roasted fish with fresh summer squash and lemon. Something light yet peppery would really hit the spot here. That’s why I’d finish it off with a Yunnan white tea, like this this silver needle.

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