Tea @ Work

by Jason on March 16, 2009

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Ritual. Caffeine injection. Hydration. Your little escape in the day. Whatever tea means to you, it can become a regular part of our day at work, if you have a method that suits your needs.

A simple and reliable method for tea at work includes:


A teapot: a single serving pot assures that you get the water you need without over-steeping your tea (thereby wasting your leaf and creating a potentially bitter cup). A ceramic pot like this one from EnjoyingTea.com is microwaveable, and comes with a stackable cup. Order from enjoyingtea, and you get the pot for less than $10 and a sample of tea.

Tea filter bags: Filter bags are handy because you can use loose leaf teas in the amount you prefer. Metal mesh filters stain over prolonged use. Filter bags are easier to dispose at the end of the day. Devotea offers t-sac filters, I would recommend at least size 2 to enable water flow through the bag and allow for leaf swelling (especially for wulongs).

A filter bag in a single-serving teapot is one of the more simple methods to use, but not the only one. Jing Tea has created videos on steeping by other methods.

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