Tea Store Evaluation- Teas Etc.

by Jason on February 15, 2012

in Voices of Tea

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Part of a series on evaluating online tea stores.

A look at Teas Etc in the areas of quality, selection, and tea community.

Quality:  Within the tea industry, Teas Etc is one of the strongest voices in educating and promoting organic certification. Their message is clear- organic teas should have the paperwork to prove it, and customers should have ready access to that paperwork. Teas Etc does this, with links to their organic certification and their listing of certified organic products. This kind of transparency should be industry standard, but sadly it is not. Bonus points to Teas Etc for leading in this field.

Aside from being organic, they have a variety of good quality teas. For example, I placed their gunpowder beside other gunpowder green teas. Teas Etc’s was smaller (indicating younger, more delicate leaves) and its color indicated it had not been roasted/fired as heavily. Other teas have been winners at the World Tea Championships of years past.

Selection:  The selection available appeals to the neophyte and budding connoisseur tea drinker. Of the unflavored, un-blended loose teas, there are 8 greens, 9 blacks, 10 wulongs, 2 pu’ers, and 5 whites.  Some of these reflect more than one grade of the same tea. Anyone wishing to get an introduction to unflavored teas could camp here for a while and get an introduction to some good quality versions of those teas.

Tea Community:  Teas Etc can be found on Twitter and Facebook. Many of these interactions are signed/sent directly by Beth Johnston, the owner of the company. Especially on their Facebook page, you can see where Beth interacts directly and in a timely manner. Teas Etc has also posted videos on their site to introduce their teas and show how their teaware works.

Conclusion: A fairly broad range of good quality tea with accessible interaction and information, Teas Etc avoids some of the commercial flash of competitors. Instead it offers solid footing and worthwhile interactions.


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