Tea Store Evaluation- Numi Organic Tea

by Jason on January 18, 2012

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Part of a series on evaluating online tea stores.


A look at Numi Organic Tea in the areas of quality, selection, and tea community.

I admit that it has been over a year since I had any interaction with Numi teas. I moved on from their teas and site mainly because of the very limited selection of un-blended teas. Since then, Numi has performed a significant upgrade in their site design . That said, it can still be very frustrating maneuvering around the site and finding information.

Quality: Numi has built its brand around offering pure, natural ingredients that are beneficial to people and the Earth. As such, many teas are Fair Trade and organic.

  • Product pics make me reluctant to buy. For example, their Dragonwell appears excessively brown. This tea looks old and overpriced.
  • Numi does offer a compressed, brick pu’er (difference in spelling is intentional), but I wonder if it could go head-to-head with a traditional pu’er brick from an established producer. I have not yet tasted it.

Selection: Small. I found 9 of 24 total loose teas that were unflavored and un-blended. You will find 1 wulong, 4 greens, and 1 black tea that meet this criteria.

Tea Community: Numi does sport regular activity on a blog, Facebook, and Twitter, but their use of FB and Twitter is more of an announcement or bulletin board employment. They are not places where people go to ask questions or expect back-and-forth interaction.

Conclusion: I generally find Numi’s selection and quality of loose, unflavored/unblended teas uninspiring. Their tea community and overall online presence is one-directional and fairly stagnant.

And their website is awkward. If I want a tea, do I go to Product or Shop? Only after looking at the product did I realize “bulk” included 4 ounce volumes. I saw one link to their blog on the landing page, and but could not find another. So I would have to go back to find that link. Just a mess.

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Donald January 18, 2012 at 13:20

Thank you for respond to my email. This is very informative! I appreciate your opinion.

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