Tea Store Evaluation- Darjeeling Tea Xpress

by Jason on July 11, 2012

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Part of a series on evaluating online tea stores.

A look at Darjeeling Tea Xpress in the areas of quality, selection, and tea community.

Quality:  Of the teas I have reviewed from Darjeeling Tea Xpress,  nearly all scored in the nineties. DTX works to get strong offerings. For example, they are currently noting the value of Jungpana Estate, a small plantation with China bushes and traditional manufacturing processes.

Selection:  At the time of post, DTX offered teas from at least 19 plantations. Depending on seasonality and supply, 1st, 2nd, and Autumnal flushes are available. There are also a handful each of white, green, and oolong (wulong) offerings.

Tea Community:  DTX’s shop and site is one of the most convenient to navigate among the direct-from-Darjeeling clan. You can easily see teas arranged by plantation, flush, or type (green, black, etc.). Their blog gives some of the most detailed and thorough information on plantations, indicating types of bushes (clonal, hybrid), positioning (on hillside, elevation, etc.) and plantation history. You can also find regular posts and photos from DTX on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.

Conclusion: If you want a direct from Darjeeling source with a more conveniently navigable site and rich details about plantations, Darjeeling Tea Express is your better choice. You will also find one of the stronger, larger selections extending across estates, flushes, and type (e.g. black, oolong). 


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