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by Jason on June 13, 2012

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Part of a series on evaluating online tea stores.

A look at Canton Tea Co. in the areas of quality, selection, and tea community.

Quality:  Of the teas I have reviewed from Canton,  the majority of them were on the higher end of the score scale. And it wasn’t just me who thought so. Their teas have Great Taste Awards in the UK as well. The background stories provided for several of their Chinese teas suggests they go to great care to find rarer gems among smaller tea farms.

Selection:  There are about 5 white, 2 yellow, 11 green, 17 wulong, 18 black, and 18 pu’ers. Some of these were out of stock when I checked in June 2012. I take that as a good thing. I see it as Canton managing inventory so that each year they can offer the freshest teas they can.

Canton’s selection is rich in Chinese teas, and a few Indian and Taiwanese teas.

Tea Community:  Canton’s blog offers a balance of tea history, information (like an brief introduction to yixing pots) and tea experiences. Their Facebook and Twitter feeds are also regularly active, announcing new offers and arrival of fresh teas. On my more recent visits to their Facebook page, the photos posted rich.

Conclusion: Canton offers a very fine selection of Chinese teas and has done well in telling the story of those teas and the people who are part of those teas.


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