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by Jason on May 24, 2010

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Adagio Teas

Selection: One of the largest among online retailers

Quality: medium level quality for most teas, though moving to offer a “master collection.”

Tea Community: The strongest, most active online tea communities.

Conclusion: a great place for beginners who want to test the tea-waters on a low budget. Learn from others in community, and try a wide variety of teas.

Adagio’s selection includes multiple teas from China, India, Japan, Taiwan, and even one or two from Nepal and Sri Lanka.  By my recent count, I found approximately 20 black, 10 oolong, 5 whites, 13 greens, and a couple of pu’ers.

Most of the loose, unflavored teas on their menu would fall into the “moderate” range in terms of quality. Until the recent introduction of their Master’s Collection, Adagio’s never made claims to bring top-of-the-line tea.

Where Adagio truly shines is its tea community. No other online tea retailer offers as many opportunities to learn and interact.

  • TeaChat gives you a moderated bulletin board with discussions pitched to tea fans of any experience level. Interact in current discussions, but you may have trouble finding exactly what you need in the archived comments.
  • TeaMuse is a monthly newsletter of events, tea locations and art.
  • TeaMap shows locations of tea shops across the US
  • TeaChef presents recipes that include tea

In addition, members of Adagio’s team can be found on Twitter and Facebook. They are not passive members, but contribute periodically through the workday and interact frequently.

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