Tea Review 253: Naivetea’s Formosa Oolong

by Jason on September 1, 2010

in 92-95, wulong/oolong

Note: a great tea- well balanced, and extended aftertaste.

Score = 92

Price (as of post): 1 oz = $22

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Sample provided by Naivetea.

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teatings September 18, 2010 at 19:17

You are probably among the worst brewers of tea i’ve seen online. the oolong was completely ruined, and u obviously can’t control water temperature because u don’t seem to know how much time has passed as your water becomes stone cold (you said 40 sec when you’ve already been rambling for at least 1 and a half minutes).

the tea steeped for more than 4 min as u sat and talked yourself silly. the tea is astringent because u clearly overbrewed. why bother brewing with a gaiwan in that case. u keep talking about aromas but u don’t even smell the gaiwan lid which captures and concentrates the tea aromas, a well known fact and of the prime justifications for using a gaiwan in the first place.

i hope to heaven you aren’t being paid for doing these reviews. i write this as a warning to all learning tea drinkers. pay no attention to this fella. he has no idea what he’s doing to his tea.

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