Tea Mag: Cooling Hot Teas

by Jason on August 22, 2013

in Voices of Tea

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Cooling Hot Teas


It’s a sweltering +90 degrees Fahrenheit outside. The slightest movements make your skin leak. If horses sweat, and ladies perspire, you’re far beyond the equine end of the continuum.

Time to grab an ice-cold glass of tea.

Wrong. Hot tea can actually cool you better than cold tea. As this Tea Mag article explains, hot tea sends signals to the brain to cause sweating, which effectively cools the body.

There are other members of the anti-ice camp. Sat Hon of the New York Dan Tao Center came out against iced drinks and ice cream. Deepak Chopra advises warm instead of ice water with meals to support Vata digestion.

So next time, consider hot tea to keep cool and support your gut.


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