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by Jason on June 1, 2010

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For the loose-leaf tea drinker, the ongoing challenge is- how do I conveniently make good tea at work?

My quest for an answer has taken me from the humble 1.5 liter thermos with leaves in a large muslin bag. I have tested automated tea brewers.

At a certain level, the riddle will not be completely solved until loose tea becomes as ubiquitous as coffee. As tea drinkers it is our task to stand up to “tea discrimination” at the office. We have to tell our less-informed colleagues that no, you can’t just put loose tea leaves in a coffee filter and make tea in the coffee maker. And yes, if it is a decent tea, you don’t need milk, sugar, or any other condiment.

Along with the fight for the status of tea comes the question of how to make tea look cool and convenient. The communal pot (a’la the coffee maker) has the appeal of bringing people together and inspiring informal chatter. The individualistic method of choosing your own pot or cup can bring an aesthetic, even zen-like element to your workspace. Contemplation is sparked if you can take the time to create your own little ritual at your station. I made a video to talk of the different methods available to work tea-drinkers:

Until I enter the Promised Office for tea imbibers, I’ll hold onto the thermos and mug. It isn’t pretty, but my colleagues have come to accept it. Once in a while, I even share some of my precious ambrosia. 😉

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