Tea Gift Guide- Top Teas, Tea Ware, and Tea Books

by Jason Walker on November 30, 2011

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I’ve collected my list of teas, tea ware, and tea books that have shaped my 2011 into an enjoyable tea-year. Many of the teas listed reflect the classic beauty that defined teas of their tradition. Others are newer, soon-to-be treasures.

A useful list for when you:

  • Have a friend or family member who loves tea, but you’re at a loss as to what to buy.
  • Have been drinking grocery store teas, and ready to graduate to the next level.
  • Are planning to make healthier choices for the new year.
  • Want to cultivate a fonder love of tea.

If you have questions or want advice on tea gifts, contact me: jason@walkerteareview.com


Green teas

  1. Canton Tea: Long Jing (Shi Feng #43)
  2. David’s Tea: Gyokuro Yamashiro
  3. Domatcha: Organic Ceremonial Matcha
Wulong teas
  1. Tea Masters: Gao Shan Hung Shui Spring 2010
  2. Seven Cups: 2010 Tie Luo Han
  3. Seven Cups: Da Hong Pao
Black teas
  1. Culinary Teas: Keemun Hao Ya A
  2. Darjeeling Tea Xpress: 1st Flush Giddapahar
  3. China Cha Dao: Gold Dan Cong

Tea Ware


  • The Story of Tea: A Cultural History and Drinking Guide. For helping understand where teas are grown and how they are processed.
  • Culinary Tea. Inspired use of tea in excellent dishes. ¬†As a result of this book, I created a delightful soup with duck and pu’er.
  • New Tea Lover’s Treasury. Pratt is the Bill Bryson of tea storytelling. Rarely is historical background so well packaged into an enchanting, flowing, narrative.
  • Harney & Son’s Guide to Tea. No-nonsense description of what teas should be and how they should taste. Harney goes beyond the cliched tea terms like “grassy” to give meaningful descriptors.
  • The True History of Tea. Fascinating, well-researched background on tea. Learn how tea created the dalai lama.
  • James Norwood Pratt’s Tea Dictionary. For the true tea geek, a resource for all those words and terms you wondered about.
  • The Tea Drinker’s Handbook. An all-around useful resource on tea production and tea appreciation. Especially useful are the sections on tea preparation and tea-drinking as a sensory experience.

Compare teas on the Scoresheet.
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