Tasting Comparison: Yunnan Golds

by Jason on October 5, 2009

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Teas in this Video:

Rishi’s Golden Needle

Adagio’s Yunnan Gold

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Jeff Champeau October 6, 2009 at 02:17

I have noticed a similar smooth uniformity in the malty note of the Adagio (though I admit I still love the tea). Have yet to try the Rishi, but I should order some because it would be fun to try to pick out a more complex profile.

I’m studying abroad in Kunming next semester, and I’m so freakin excited to taste as many homegrown teas as I can! Looking forward to really getting into Pu’erh as well. Jason I’m curious–in your wide travels of China, have you ever explored Yunnan? Any suggestions on particular tea estates or teahouses to visit?

Thanks! gan bei!

Jason October 6, 2009 at 17:49


I actually spent my honeymoon in LiJiang. Yunnan will provide many great opportunities and adventures. Be sure you visit villages in Xishuangbana.

I’m personally interested in the Fair Trade communities in Mannong & Manmai (Yunnan), and the Xuan En Yulu in Hubei.

Most importantly, be sure to taste as many green and wulong teas as possible (and make notes). You’ll be impressed by the freshness and variety.

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