Using Aroma Cups

by Jason on August 24, 2014

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If we hurry through the day, it is easy for our sensory experiences to get combined into a mishmash. In fact, a part of our brains seems dedicated to making sure multiple sensations get combined into a single memory. But the tastes, textures, and aromas we experience in tea are separate sensations, and aroma cups help distinguish […]


How to Choose a Tea Infuser/Teapot

by Jason on August 17, 2014

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There will likely be a never-ending cycle of new concepts and devices for making tea at home. Walker Tea Review covered a few of these in a 2012 comparison. Now it is time to look at the realm of 2-stage infuser tea pots. Sometimes they are called gongfu pots or tea infuser pots.

Here is the good, the bad, and the ugly of infuser/strainer teapots.

While glass gaiwans have been available from several online vendors for some time, beaker-shaped tea infusers like this one from Grand Tea are gaining in popularity. The simple aesthetic gives  the feel of a beautiful experiment. The glass infuser places the dancing agony of the leaves on full display, and the pouring style that uses […]


The Banko-yaki kyusu, Shofu kiln is a thing of beauty to behold and use. Teas of Japan (thes-du-japon.com) offers this teapot made by Yamamoto Hiromi of the Shofu workshop. The Shofu studio was originally the collaboration of three brothers. The teapot was created by the youngest brother, who now focuses on works shown in art […]


In June of 2012, industry leaders gathered for a panel discussion at World Tea Expo. World Tea News chronicled the panel’s estimation that  tea sales in North America would beat coffee sales by the year 2017. What will that mean for tea we drink at home, at work, or at school? There is a growing […]

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. Comment: Pros: Glass interior; Protective poly exterior; BPA-free, Solid stainless steel filter construction; Good size, Versatile (can remove filter easily).  Cons: Careful when placing tea above the filter and inverting to steep. When you set it aright you may still have hot, pressurized steam/water trying to escape. Price (as of post): Original size (260mL […]

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. Comment: consider this as a starter yixing for the office or everyday use. Works well with several Chinese greens and many darker roasted wulongs. Consider dedicating it to one category of tea (e.g. dark roasted wulongs) as aromas accumulate in the pot. . well, actually teapot! Price (as of post): $34 . Compare teas […]