What would happen if you gathered a group of experts in the field of food tasting and asked them to come up with a set of characteristics to describe the range of tastes found in green tea? Someone did just that. One of the gleanings from that study – if you’re not sure what […]


Part of a series: What Should It Taste Like? The legend behind this tea includes a story of Queen Victoria giving this tea its name. Research suggests the tea wasn’t commonly referred to as Oriental Beauty until the 1970’s. Before that, it was called peng feng (膨风) tea (braggart’s tea).  Records mentioning Peng feng tea […]


What Should It Taste Like: Sencha

by Jason Walker on August 15, 2013

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Part of a series: What Should It Taste Like? Like most teas, several key factors can determine the outcome of tea processing. For sencha, two of those factors are shading and steaming. Kabuse tea, or tea from bushes shaded prior to harvest, is sometimes described as a category between sencha and gyokuro, and sometimes as […]


Part of a series: What Should It Taste Like? It is becoming increasingly difficult to pin down a tight range of characteristics for darjeeling teas. For one, there are multiple harvests, or flushes. 1st and 2nd flush are not the same. Production errors can get in the way of the expression of characteristics. And to a […]


Part of a series: What Should It Taste Like? There are so many versions of tie guan yin wulong that it is difficult to describe what they all taste like. More modern-style tie guan yins are generally greener in color and more floral in character, while the more traditional roasted can have toasted nut and […]


What You Should Expect From A Tea Tasting

by Jason Walker on May 9, 2013

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Tea tastings are becoming as ubiquitous as wine tastings, and the wonderful opportunities to explore teas is to be applauded. A good tea tasting gives people an opportunity not only to learn about new teas, but also to learn about tea production and about their own perceptions of taste. Many people come away from tasting […]


One of the challenges of shopping for teas online is knowing whether you are getting the kind and quality of tea that you should expect. This challenge becomes even more compounded when you have never tasted a certain kind of tea, or are not sure if you have formed an accurate impression of that tea […]