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As we go about our daily lives, the teas we anticipate are being grown, plucked, and processed. I have reached out to my connections across the tea world to collect their reports of how the 2014 Spring Harvest is progressing.


A traditional teabag is designed to remove the magic of making tea. Blenders work to mix the right ratio of leaves so that the taste profile is the same in every bag, year after year. Once you know what you brew from this bag, you can use the same parameters and get the same results. […]


Ippodo NYC

by Jason on February 7, 2014

in green, Japanese

U.S. tea drinking is on the rise. Research has revealed this for several years now. So now might seem like a good time to open a tea store in NYC. Ippodo thinks so. It is dipping its toe into the U.S. tea waters and has opened shop in connection with the Kajitsu dining experience. Some tea […]


Part of a series: What Should It Taste Like? Like most teas, several key factors can determine the outcome of tea processing. For sencha, two of those factors are shading and steaming. Kabuse tea, or tea from bushes shaded prior to harvest, is sometimes described as a category between sencha and gyokuro, and sometimes as […]


Tea Review 484: Aiya’s Organic Sencha

by Jason on August 13, 2013

in 90-91, green, Japanese

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Researchers continue to predict the rise of tea consumption in the US. As more people drink tea will that mean they have a broader or deeper experience of tea? In order to more fully appreciate the hundreds of teas available, here are 10 that will serve as guiding lights and points of comparison. As there […]

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