Suppose a tea vendor or processor ¬†somewhere in China or Taiwan is going through his storage room and finds a container of tea that has been sitting there for more years than he can remember. Knowing that tea cost him something, and looking to recover that cost, he comes up with an idea: “I’ll call […]


¬† What would happen if you gathered a group of experts in the field of food tasting and asked them to come up with a set of characteristics to describe the range of tastes found in green tea? Someone did just that. One of the gleanings from that study – if you’re not sure what […]


A traditional teabag is designed to remove the magic of making tea. Blenders work to mix the right ratio of leaves so that the taste profile is the same in every bag, year after year. Once you know what you brew from this bag, you can use the same parameters and get the same results. […]


Optimal Water For Tea

by Jason on October 4, 2013

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Many of us have probably heard the old saw in one form or another – water is the mother of tea. It is possible this version of the saying could extend to include the moisture the tea plant receives when growing tea leaves, but most of the time people are talking about the +90% of […]

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Cold-brewing, cold-infusing, cold-steeping. Whatever name is applied, the process has often been perceived as secondary to the traditional use of hot water and tea leaves. The science says otherwise. Cold-brewing may produce a better tasting and a more beneficial beverage than regular hot-water brewing. But what are the benefits? What kinds of teas produce these […]

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As I continue to learn about tea, I also try to keep up with how teas are described, marketed, and presented. One of the most important elements in talking about teas is TASTE. But what is taste? How does one experience taste? On one level, taste refers to the naming of the chemical components in […]


. One of my side projects occurs at the crossroads of tea appreciation, taste, and education. Wine aroma wheels have existed for decades now. They have been hailed and hissed at since they were created. There is always some flaw – they are incomplete or too complex. They remove the critical reflection needed to develop […]