Conversation: Sri Lanka Teas

by Jason on September 12, 2013

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Sri Lanka has been producing teas now for about 150 years, yet they can be some of the least understood, and least appreciated teas. For so many years, Ceylon teas were found in Lipton teabags, or were commodity grade offerings. That is changing. Elevation, location, and harvest time can make significant differences in your Sri […]


There are a only a couple of people I trust who could sip a tea blindfolded, and tell me detailed facts about what they have sipped. Many people could identify a longjing, for example, but few could pinpoint its origin, what cultivar it is, and comment on specific flaws or strengths created during processing. This […]


. In case you haven’t seen the latest edition of Tea Magazine, there’s lots of interesting stuff on Taiwan oolongs. Austin Yoder and Thomas Shu reveal the beauty of some of Taiwan’s tea growing regions and the teas they produce. Yoder especially gives a feel for the people and places he has walked among. But […]


Hawaii-Grown Teas

by Jason on September 12, 2012

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. If there is one thing a visit to Hawaii will reveal it is that the islands are a place of diverse, but fragile beauty. A close look at tea farms there reveals they are also struggling to find their place in the balance. Hawaii-grown teas are not created equally. Producers work within a great […]


. Kumamoto Prefecture, “the origin of the bear,” is home to one of the world’s largest calderas in the world, and offers great Japanese teas. I asked Paul Kotta of Mellow Monk Japanese Green Tea to tell us about Kumamoto teas. Paul has worked to develop strong connections among Kyushu Island growers, and has been able […]


Tea Origins: Yunnan Province

by Jason on June 6, 2012

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Just as Yunnan Province claims a vast diversity of flora, fauna, and ethnic peoples, it also serves as home to a rich range of ancient and newer teas. Within its 150,000 square miles, pu’er teas have been home at home there for centuries. In the past 100 years, award-winning black teas, or dian hong (滇红), have […]


Tea Origins: Darjeeling

by Jason on May 10, 2012

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 Shopping for Darjeeling teas can feel like choosing a bottle of wine. This is on purpose. Darjeeling tea producers have gone to great pains to emphasize harvest time and estate. Differences between flushes can be fairly easily recognized. Color, intensity of aroma, and texture vary noticeably. What remains is a question of distinctiveness among estates. […]

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