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  Origin: Shexian County, Huang Shan, Anhui Harvest: 28 March 2014 Score: 86 Price (as of post): 5 g sample = $3.00  to Walker Tea Review. Get complete access to Member Content.   Sign Up For The Newsletter. Sample provided by Teavivre. Walker Tea Review- a tea blog with tea reviews and tea tastings. Want to […]


Comment: fresh and vibrant character. Made with the huangshan da ye varietal. . Origin: Huangshan, Anhui Province, China Harvest: before April 5, 2013 Score: 91 Price (as of post): 50 g = $22 Singapore Dollars Sample provided by Peony Tea S. Get even more in the Member Content. Walker Tea Review- a tea blog with tea […]


. Comment: It takes work to tease out the shy, understated components. Some might call this tea weak. . Origin: Tian Mu Mtn, Lin An, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province Harvest: 6 March 2012 Score: 87 Price (as of post): 14 g sample = $2.00 Sample provided by Teavivre. Compare teas with others on the Scoresheet. Walker Tea […]


China’s Ten Tribute Teas

by Jason on June 8, 2009

in Member Content

There is good reason that royalty was associated with the finer things in life. Kings and government meant taxes, and if gold couldn’t be had, your locality paid in other forms. If your locality was recognized for horses, you worked to contribute your best horses as a form of tax. The emperors of China were no different. Throughout the centuries, various teas became recognized as “tribute teas.” His royal person then had the privilege of drinking these tribute teas or offering it as gifts.

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