Tie guan yin wulong may be one of the most misunderstood teas. It can be grown in different places, grown from different cultivars, and processed in different ways. The resulting teas may all be called tie guan yin, but have very different character. I asked James Grayland of Wan Ling Tea House and Dan Robertson […]

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There are a only a couple of people I trust who could sip a tea blindfolded, and tell me detailed facts about what they have sipped. Many people could identify a longjing, for example, but few could pinpoint its origin, what cultivar it is, and comment on specific flaws or strengths created during processing. This […]


. It may be helpful to start by saying that the Cupping Events of the International Tea Cuppers Club are for serious tea explorers. I placed my order for the Autumn Tie Guan Yin package and got: Eight samples (2 oz each) of 2011 autumn tie guan yin from a selection of producers and differences […]