2014 Tea Predictions

by Jason on January 9, 2014

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What does 2014 offer in terms of tea? Here are a few key trends to keep on your radar: 1. A growing appreciation of classic, quality teas. The 2013 World Tea Expo especially highlighted the importance of topics like terroir and the teas of China. Read more about these trends here. Teavana went so far […]


Good Gaiwan- What Is It?

by Jason on February 28, 2013

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First, if you think I may be referring to a long-lost Kenobi brother from the Star Wars franchise, you have come to the wrong place. A gaiwan can be a simple and easy way to steep tea. I find it especially useful for single-serve purpose. I made a video of how to use a gaiwan. […]


How To Use a Gaiwan

by Jason on January 25, 2012

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Comment: a few other points I didn’t mention: 1) Decanting into a pitcher helps even-out the tea liquor. The tea liquor at the top of a gaiwan is thinner and lighter than at the bottom. Decanting into a pitcher evenly distributes the liquor. 2) Wash thoroughly and dry separately. Wet parts can stick together when […]