Part of a series: What Should It Taste Like? Like most teas, several key factors can determine the outcome of tea processing. For sencha, two of those factors are shading and steaming. Kabuse tea, or tea from bushes shaded prior to harvest, is sometimes described as a category between sencha and gyokuro, and sometimes as […]


. Comment: As with most Japanese greens control of water temp is important. It is often better to err on the cooler side. . Origin: Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan Score: 88 Price (as of post): 2 oz = $10 . Sample provided by Drink The Leaf. Compare teas with others on the Scoresheet. Walker Tea Review- […]


WTR Online Tea Tastings Learn about tea and tea preparation. Interact with the tea tasting community. Try new teas. Go to the Future Episodes and How To Taste pages to learn more. Click the video to watch. Click the dots on the video timeline to jump to a scene. Price (as of post) 100g = […]