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by Jason on November 2, 2013

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The 4 professional tea tasters that own Camellia Sinensis spend every Spring in Asia. Jasmin Desharnais, who specializes in Chinese teas, spends much of his time deep in the mountains of Yunnan Province searching for quality Pu er for the company’s renowned catalogue camellia-sinensis.com. Aside from a large collection of regional classics, he also buys Maocha at source in the villages to be pressed into cakes for ageing. This series of premium grade, single origin, ancient tree Pu er cakes is a perfect way to explore this fascinating and mysterious world. The Ban Pen shown here is a Sheng style Pu er from the forests around Ban Pen, a village on the Tea Horse Road.

Ban Pen Pu er 2009 250g cake perfect for drinking or ageing.

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