Newsletter Effectiveness

For all the social media tools available, it may seem odd to employ an email newsletter. Even so, newsletters offer advantages:

1. More direct access.
An email newsletter is ready to be read whenever and wherever the recipient chooses. Not so with social media. You cannot always be certain a Facebook fan will be online when you post an update, and you have no control of if/when fans will visit your page to catch what they may have missed.

2. Cost effectiveness.
A well structured email design and mailing schedule can be run with relative ease while creating measurable results. In many cases, integrating newsletter, blog, and social media messages helps maximize use of the content you create.

3. Control of message.
A  well designed newsletter lets you give insightful tips, a personal message, and strong calls to action. You can set the tone. You can create a greater sense of urgency, and provide the right clicks that facilitate action.

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