Blogging Effectiveness

Blogging is a persuasion tool designed to create buy-in. This means sales. It does not necessarily mean hard, direct sale of a product, but there is an underlying desire for a resulting buy-in at some time in some way.

A tea blog therefore has to create buy-in on several levels:

1. How can I get new people to read my content? This includes using a blog to help your site get found in searches.

2. How can I maintain reader engagement (i.e. get regular, returning readers)?

3. How can I convert readers into buyers?

A tea blog helps tea retailers show how their tea store is more than a set of static product pages. It is a chance to show the people and activity happening behind the scenes of a tea store. A blog offers a way to share the expertise and valuable information a tea company has. When this happens, the blog reveals a tea shop as real, interesting people instead of a faceless entity. A blog also gives the blogger greater control over message and the flow of message toward customer action.

But each word on a blog comes at a price in time, or money, or both. When done effectively, blog posts can:

  1. Create urgency
  2. Develop appreciation of a product – increasing its value in the eyes of readers
  3. Promote a sense of trust in product or service
  4. Foster a feeling of belonging-ness.
  5. Offer a unique combination of the above not found elsewhere

All done through/with:

  1. A digestible amount of content per post
  2. Powerful, attractive images
  3. Synergy with other social media initiatives
  4. A steady, reliable flow of valuable blog content

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