Services Offered

Content Creation:

– In-depth, expert-level articles for your blog, newsletter, or other
– Product descriptions designed to stand out
– Video of tea tasting and tea product
– Web content that tells your story in a captivating, consistent, yet unique way
– Email newsletters, including special offers and educational content


I have also been engaged to find sources of tea, teaware, packaging, and labels. I have experience in organizing tea events, educational presentations, and tastings.

Ads on Walker Tea Review:

– Banner ads that display across the Walker Tea Review site
– Promotional content articles receive special front-page positioning for optimal reach
– Extended reach to followers on Facebook, Twitter, and beyond

Walker Tea Review has been in operation since 2008 and has developed a steadily growing audience of tea enthusiasts. Since 2009, Jason Walker has offered services to tea retailers. The goal of Walker Tea Review is to provide accessible solutions and dependable service to fellow members of the tea industry.

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