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by Jason on October 11, 2012

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It may be helpful to start by saying that the Cupping Events of the International Tea Cuppers Club are for serious tea explorers.

I placed my order for the Autumn Tie Guan Yin package and got:

  • Eight samples (2 oz each) of 2011 autumn tie guan yin from a selection of producers and differences in production.
  • Cupping log forms
  • Thermometer
  • Gram scale
  • Water pH test strips
  • Information on each sample
  • Cupping procedure guidelines
  • Gaiwan cupping set

Upon arrival, the task is then to follow the assigned procedure to taste the teas as they will be tasted by others who are participating. Then all the notes get collected and consolidated on the Tea Cuppers site.

It is worthwhile to see the collective reaction to the teas, but the more profitable outcome is your own personal experience of distinguishing teas that may seem so similar at first.

For example, the teas labelled: “Xiao Tu,” “Gao Ji,” and “1B” were in the set. At a glance, these teas may seem indistinguishable (except for some variations in lighting).





But delve deeper, and the nuances of each tea arise. One is sweeter. One is more fragrant. One has a more brothy texture. I won’t say which, of course. That is part of your personal journey of discovery.


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