Eco-Cha Gift Packs

by Jason on December 11, 2013

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Eco-Cha. Taiwanese Oolong and Black Tea, Direct From The Farm

Eco-Cha Gift Packs

Eco-Cha sources Artisan Oolong and Black Teas, direct from family-run tea gardens in Taiwan. Strong connections with Taiwanese tea artisans allow them to source some very special small batch Taiwanese teas. Based in Taiwan Eco-Cha sources exclusively from farmers whose yield volumes and production methods remain within the capacity of artisan tea making.

In time for the holiday season, Eco-Cha has released elegant, and environmentally friendly gift packs, starting at just $20 dollars

Check them out here:

Have a look at some of the reviews and notes about Eco-Cha, as well as the origin stories of each tea at

Gift Pack Options Include:

View them all here:

Intro To Oolong Flight: Three Taiwan Oolong Teas representing the full spectrum of Oolongs. A great introduction to Taiwan Oolong tea and to the varying characters of unroasted, lightly roasted, and heavily roasted flavors.

Taiwan Tea Tour Flight: A complete flavor and elevation spectrum these five premium Taiwan Oolongs provide a great experience of some of the best Oolong tea in the world. Experience the difference between unroasted, lightly roasted, and heavily roasted tea as well as tea from from multiple different mountains at both high and lower elevation.

Light Oolong Pack: Two of Taiwan’s signature Oolong teas, Jin Xuan (Milk Oolong) and Tsui Yu (Jade Oolong), this makes an excellent gift set for both Oolong tea lovers and as an introduction to Oolong tea. Both of these selections will captivate the newcomer and intrigue the experienced admirer of Oolong Tea.

Taiwan Black Tea Pack: About: The finest black (Assam) tea that Taiwan has to offer. With their warming, full-bodied, rich and smooth tones these teas are perfect for the colder months, and especially for the holiday season. This pack contains Taiwan’s famous Red Jade Tea as well as a rare and unique High Mountain Black Tea.


Flat rate international shipping. Order by December 16th and you’ll get your tea by Christmas! Complete shipping info:

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