Dear Yixing

by Jason Walker on May 1, 2010

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My wife and I picked up this pot in Shanghai from a tea friend of ours. Our friend told us it was probably crafted during China’s Pre-Republic or early Republic era. That would put it at around 100 yrs old. The first time we poured water through it (before adding any tea to the pot), there was a distinct green tea flavor to the water. That could have been the trick of an unscrupulous middle man working tea-dust inside the pot.

Antique or no, I appreciate the texture of the pot. The slightly larger flakes in the clay give the pot a warmer, rougher look and feel. The simple squared shape gives it angles that accentuate the variety of reds the pot gives off in the light. Atop the lid are 2 lions playing with a ball. Time has filled in some of the detail lines with a darker stain, giving the lions greater life and dimension.

Our little pot does well with green teas. It tends to bring out the aroma of dragonwell, and enhances the texture. At least it does to us. We’ve not experimented with it beyond green teas, and we are content to not cross that bound for now.

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