Using Aroma Cups

by Jason on August 24, 2014

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If we hurry through the day, it is easy for our sensory experiences to get combined into a mishmash. In fact, a part of our brains seems dedicated to making sure multiple sensations get combined into a single memory. But the tastes, textures, and aromas we experience in tea are separate sensations, and aroma cups help distinguish […]


How to Choose a Tea Infuser/Teapot

by Jason on August 17, 2014

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There will likely be a never-ending cycle of new concepts and devices for making tea at home. Walker Tea Review covered a few of these in a 2012 comparison. Now it is time to look at the realm of 2-stage infuser tea pots. Sometimes they are called gongfu pots or tea infuser pots.

Here is the good, the bad, and the ugly of infuser/strainer teapots.

Book Review: Homegrown Tea

by Jason on June 29, 2014

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    Summer’s warm days and vacation activities invite visions of fresh harvests from gardens and reading lists for lazy days. So when a tea book comes along that talks about growing, processing and enjoying your own tea, it just may create the perfect marriage of pastimes. Cassie Liversidge’s Homegrown Teas: An Illustrated Guide to […]


Profile: Tea Drunk

by Jason on June 15, 2014

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In New York City’s East Village there exists a haven for Chinese tea lovers. Tea Drunk offers an escape into a retreat of gaiwans, quiet conversations, and artisanal teas from across the Middle Kingdom. 2 elements make Tea Drunk stand out from so many tea shops in Chinatown and other cafes: the ambiance and the […]


While glass gaiwans have been available from several online vendors for some time, beaker-shaped tea infusers like this one from Grand Tea are gaining in popularity. The simple aesthetic gives  the feel of a beautiful experiment. The glass infuser places the dancing agony of the leaves on full display, and the pouring style that uses […]


For the longest time, having tea at the office or away from home has involved compromise. In most cases, the compromise came in the form of a teabag. Even when teabags have high quality tea, it rarely compares to a well-steeped cup of quality loose leaf. This compromise on quality often comes at greater convenience. […]


You have to be on your toes when reading articles about tea. The recent Men’s Health article earns a few tips of the hat and a few finger wags. Some Things They Got Right It was good to see companies like Camellia Sinensis, Tea Trekker, and Seven Cups getting the press they deserve. Also good […]