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US Grown Tea and The Judgment of Paris

by Jason on November 21, 2013

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  Note: I originally submitted this article to the U.S. League of Tea Growers. It was published as The Flavor of US Grown Tea on Nov 15, 2013. The buzz about the potential of US grown tea seems to increase in a rate proportional to the number of new tea bushes put into American soil. […]


What Should It Taste Like: Ali Shan

by Jason on September 28, 2013

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Part of a series: What Should It Taste Like? It is tempting to pile all the Taiwan high mountain oolongs into the same heap. After all, there can be strong similarities across them. These higher elevation mean some of the highest tea gardens in the world- even higher than Darjeeling estates. But lumping them together […]


Part of a series on How To Expand Your Tea Education. Often, the quickest and easiest way to learn about tea is to simply ask someone knowledgeable. There is no need to run a search, buy a book or take a class to piece together information when you can easily walk up and ask an […]


Cold-brewing, cold-infusing, cold-steeping. Whatever name is applied, the process has often been perceived as secondary to the traditional use of hot water and tea leaves. The science says otherwise. Cold-brewing may produce a better tasting and a more beneficial beverage than regular hot-water brewing. But what are the benefits? What kinds of teas produce these […]

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Part of a series on How To Expand Your Tea Education. Once you have perused (i.e. the older, original meaning) the many valuable books and pored over the internet resources for tea knowledge, you may be considering looking at an institute or educational service to teach you more about tea. There are several to choose […]


Part of a series: What Should It Taste Like? It is becoming increasingly difficult to pin down a tight range of characteristics for¬†darjeeling teas. For one, there are multiple harvests, or flushes. 1st and 2nd flush are not the same. Production errors can get in the way of the expression of characteristics. And to a […]


Modern, Daily Tea Ritual

by Jason on June 27, 2013

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What would a “modern” tea ritual look like? I asked myself: “Looking back at all the tea rituals across cultures and times, what do they offer to contemporary life?”