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by Jason on October 25, 2012

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The good people at Canton Tea Co have launched a new tea club. Each week you can get one of their selected teas.

So why join a tea club?

1. You want to taste a broad variety of teas to know what you like, and what is interesting.
To appreciate teas, you have to experience the sublime and the swill. Canton’s Week 1 tea is a great example. It is a green tea from Nilgiri, India. Now Nilgiri is not know for making green teas, so it is a tea you would not likely experience unless you went to extra measures. Based on the feedback, some discovered delights, and others were disappointed. You simply don’t know about some teas until you try.

2.  A tea club can help you get the most from a tea.
While you may not (or may) be interested in hearing the reactions of 50 different people about how much they liked or disliked a tea, you can profit from their experience if you can learn HOW they prepared and served the tea. Whether gaiwan, kyusu, or in a coffee mug, learn how to tease the best out of each tea.

3. Tasting a series of teas will build your mental library of tastes, and suggest the patterns of teas you like. 
It is one thing to say you like green tea. It is significantly more valuable if you can be more precise, saying that you prefer Japanese asamushi senchas. If you were to walk into a tea store saying you like green teas, finding something else you like will be a stab in the dark. The more you know what you like and a little about why you like it, the easier it will be to find other teas you like.

Samples provided by Canton Tea Co.
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