Book Review- The Tea Enthusiast’s Handbook

by Jason on January 24, 2013

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Choosing a guide can be a critical determinant of final success. Granted, selecting the right guide up Mount Everest carries more life-or-death import than selecting one to show you the right running shoe. But either way, we look to guides to show us the best, the most ideal match between our needs, our abilities, and our desires.

Selecting a guide to tea may not be fraught with danger. But life is too short to be drinking teas that can’t be liked or appreciated.

The Heisses have created a guide that can lead you to the tea promised land. This is not their first tea book. The first was a thorough look at tea origins, production, and the appreciation of fine teas.

The Tea Enthusiast’s Handbook streamlines (and enhances) some of their earlier work. It condenses their knowledge into¬†digestible¬† and accessible parts about 6 categories of tea. Greens, whites, yellows, oolongs, blacks, and pu-erhs are introduced, with an overview of the category and examples of each type. Tasting profiles of classic teas in each category help the neophyte know what to expect the first time they experience one of these teas. The handbook provides a brief explanation of harvest and production styles, as well as grading systems. Going even further, there is elementary coverage of tea varietals used and mention of the micro-organisms needed to create pu’er (aka pu-erh).

The Tea Enthusiast’s Handbook proves to be a valuable and well-structured guide to choosing and appreciating teas.

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