Best Teas, Damned Lies, and Stastics

by Jason on February 13, 2013

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Who has the best teas? This question gets asked by WTR readers at one time or another.

I decided look at the Scoresheet and try to answer that question from a more objective approach.

The results may be surprising. Take a look:

Note that low scores are in red and high are in green.

Looking at the average score, it appears that the smaller, boutique retailers offer the best tea. Naivetea and Asha Tea House rise to the top. They often choose to specialize in a handful of top quality teas. On the other hand, one could ask: If they expanded their selection, how well could they maintain their average?

The mode (i.e. when it exists, is the most frequently occurring score in the set) tells a slightly different story. Seven Cups is tops, while staying close to the same number of reviews as Naivetea and Asha.

The median (i.e. the score in the exact middle of the range of scores) confirms our 3 leaders deserve to be at the top of the list.

Again, the leaders are specialists. They focus on particular selections of teas. Of course, some of those selections are larger than others.

You will also note some of the tea company names are in bold. If overall scoring performance were plotted on a curve, retailers like China Cha Dao, Harney & Sons, NorbuPeony Tea, Red Blossom, and Teas Etc. may offer something closer to your personal harmony of price, selection, and quality.

Do the numbers lie?

Have you found the “best” tea selection online?

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