Arrival of ’09 Kagoshima Sencha

by Jason on May 18, 2009

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Like wines, a tea’s character is dependent on its point of origin. Therefore, it behooves the tea drinker in search of a particular taste experience to gain some fundamental information about a tea’s source location.

Kagoshima sencha arrives before most other Japanese green teas because Kagoshima provides the southernmost tea-producing region of Japan. As a result of the warmer weather there, these teas reach maturity before others. The leaves are then machine harvested rather than hand plucked, which reduces production costs.

Master blenders combine several varieties from tea gardens to create the sencha. This blending results in a tea that contains some of the creamy texture and dark leaves of a gyokuro, spinach notes in the aroma, and light water chestnut aromas and sweetness.itoenkagoshimasencha

Ito En recently announced the arrival of their Kagoshima shincha (i.e. “new tea”), and Rishi tea provides a more thorough slideshow of Kagoshima tea gardens and harvest.

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