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About Jason Walker

  • Lived and worked in China
  • Traveled to tea origins, markets in China and Taiwan
  • Past work experience in managing corporate education programs
  • MA, Organizational Leadership
  • I founded Walker Tea Review in 2008
  • I have produced over 600 videos for WTR
  • I work with tea retail businesses

Other sources:

What I believe:

  • As we get better access to higher quality, natural teas, we will move away from flavored teas. After all, fresh natural teas have been preferred for generations
  • Quality tea is becoming a welcome part of our daily lives. I am looking for ways to bring natural loose-leaf teas into the workplace, home, & to our time with family/friends

About Video Reviews

1. Video reviews are as brief as possible. My aim is to show the process from dry leaf to liquid in one take while being as thorough and efficient as possible. I do little to no editing so that there is no impression that I have switched teas. What you see is what you get.

2. Video reviews represent multiple tastings. Multiple tastings allow me to get a fuller profile of the tea. Teas often taste better after the first steeping, and different flavors come out depending on the temperature when the tea is drunk. Multiple off-camera tastings are not intended to mislead the viewer, but to capture more nuances in the tea.

3. Video reviews do not necessarily represent the retailers suggested preparation guidelines. See No. 1 above. Also, my prepartion style is based on the centuries-old gaiwan style used in the birthplace of teas (China). I generally use a little more leaf and steep for a shorter period with slightly warmer-than-recommended water. This method allows for more re-steepings that retain the flavors. As a result, better re-steepings bring out more nuances to the tea and LOWER the cost-per-leaf usage. I (Jason) encourage you to experiment with your teas, following both the retailers guidelines and a shorter steep/resteep strategy as represented in the video review.

How I make money
As you research other tea review websites, you may find that some are/were actually established or managed by tea retailers. Walker Tea Review is not.

  • I sell some ad space.
  • I offer some Members Only content accessible by subscription. Member Only content is labeled “Member Content” below the article title. In addition, some pages are accessible to members only.
  • I am not directly compensated for reviewing teas. I do not charge tea companies to review their teas, and I do not charge viewers who watch reviews.
  • I have also placed some affiliate links in posts. Commissions from sales and affiliate links amount to real revenue.
  • I receive samples of tea. Some of these I request, and some retailers contact me and offer me samples.

If you wish to support my work and the companies represented here, please click on the banners and links on this blog when/if we have helped you make a purchase decision.


Walker Tea Review is owned and operated by Jason Walker.

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